Transaction and Disclosures

The process of selling your house without a realtor can save you substantial fees and commissions by using a knowledgeable, experienced attorney.

Craig Sherman can assist with your offers and contracting for sale by owner (or purchase) and help ensure that you stay within the law, make proper disclosures.

Craig Sherman can assist you with:

  • Real estate transaction disputes
  • Closing escrow
  • Disclosure issues
  • Foreclosure issues
  • Failure to disclose
  • Improper disclosures
  • Hidden defects
  • Taking and Holding Title (names on deeds)

Sherman is skilled and experienced in reviewing, advising, and enforcing purchase and sales agreements, as well as transaction and closing disputes. The timing, conditions for performance, and close of escrow requirements are strict and must be complied with. From a buyers and owner’s perspective, the naming of owners, holding title, and co-owner and joint title issues are important to avoid lawsuits for partition and quiet title that arise when parties do not cooperate or there are other legal impediments to resolve such that court actions for forced and involuntary sales become necessary.

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