Real Estate and Real Property Issues

Your home is most likely one of your biggest assets. Protect your property and peace of mind by choosing competent counsel in real estate law. Call Craig A. Sherman, a Professional Law Corporation at 619-702-7892 for expert real estate legal counsel.

Craig Sherman and his team can assist you with a full range of property related issues including purchasing and selling (by owner or by realtor), purchase and sales agreements, transaction and closing disputes, title, co-owner, joint title, partition and quiet title actions, easement disputes, eminent domain and inverse condemnation actions, landlord-tenant lease and eviction issues, actions for rent, enforcement of CC&Rs, title and title insurance matters, and mortgage, deed of trust, foreclosures, receiverships, and other lender disputes. Neighbors, boundaries, fences, and other on-the-ground or other nuisance, trespass, disturbance, and interferences are also a part of the Sherman Professional Law Corp’s expertise and experience.

Our pre-filing efforts, settlement resolutions, and civil court litigation practice is varied and extensive. It involves the most up-to-date alternative dispute resolution efforts and practices available, with litigation experience of unresolved civil disputes in all level courts of this state including Superior, Appellate and Supreme courts, including multiple federal District Courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.