Environmental Law

Craig Sherman has litigated government and other agency decisions and actions pertaining to land uses and development approvals that have adverse impacts on the environment. We have has extensive experience advocating and representing client matters and subjects related to and arising from decisions of various local, state and federal agencies, including planning commissions, board of zoning appeals, city councils, water boards, state agencies, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation.

Our office has prosecuted dozens of cases under the California Environmental Quality Act involving both urban fringe and inner-city development projects that have had the propensity to drastically alter the environmental quality of neighborhoods and communities. Sherman has operated his San Diego law office for almost 25 years where a substantial portion of his practice involves environmental, land use and other property-related matters. His high-profile cases have involved the federal Clean Water Act, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) special taxes, and school bond measure spending and interference. His clients have included the Sierra Club, Citizens for Beach Rights, and Clairemonters for Neighborhood Parks. His public interest practice includes representation of public interest groups challenging government agency abuses regarding taxation, open government, public records, and other open government laws.