Titles and Deeds

Whether you are selling, buying, or transferring property, Craig Sherman can assist you with all needs for reviewing and drafting of deed and title documents. In the case of a title or deed dispute, you can count on Craig Sherman to proficiently enforce or prosecute a legal action to cure any such defect or problem.

Craig Sherman’s extensive knowledge of title and deed issues allows him to provide competence experience for an array of legal services such as:

  • Title (vesting or how to put owners names in a deed)
  • Transfer deeds
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Joint tenancy
  • Tenants in Common
  • Partition action or lawsuits (for splitting ownership)
  • Quiet title
  • Forced sale
  • Title problem

Title and Deed Legal Services

For avoiding and resolving disputes of title and naming issues in deeds, you can count on Craig Sherman for all deed and title matters.

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